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Earn money by liking Facebook Pages

Hi friends, today I am going to tell you how to earn money using liking pages in facebook. We all use facebook, but we have never thought that liking pages can give us money. Strange but true! I think its a very good think that you are earning money by using facebook. You might have liked hundreds of pages on
facebook but no-one has paid you till now for that. But I am going to give you a trick that will give you money (upto $0.05 per like).

Follow these steps

1.Go to This Link.
2.Select login with facebook.
3.Select your country and click save.

Important Notice: Do NOT dislike pages after your account has been credited. The System will check for dislikes on a random basis, during payout requests, and other events without any warning. If a dislike is detected, you will lose the credits from that page, and be ineligible to like that page for credits ever.

At the end of this post, I will tell you how to stop getting notification from that page without disliking them.
4.In the next step,you will see many pages,which need to be liked. Start liking them and start earning money.

5.After the pages gets open like it and close it manually.

When you click on a page classified, it will open up in a new browser tab or window. Click "Like" while you are there. When you come back you will notice the page classified is turned yellow. All you have to do now is just click on that yellow box again, and it will check whether you did everything right, and credit your account if you did.

You can check you balance through "financials" option at the top.

Moreover, you can earn by referring your friends also.

Trick to stop getting notification:
Go to page.
Hold mouse on "Liked" button.
Uncheck Get notification.


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