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10 ways to improve your Wi-Fi Performance 2015

10 ways to improve your Wi-Fi Performance 2015 Wireless networking can be more temperamental than the average British summer. A number of factors can reduce your wireless network's speed, which impedes streaming, online gaming, download times and web browsing. 10 ways to improve your Wi-Fi Performance 2015 But unlike the weather, there's more that you can do than merely moan about your network performance - in fact, there are...


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How to restrict access to files/folders using cmd

Hello friends! You might have many software on the internet which is used to lock the files and folders. Also you might have seen batch programs that also does the same job. Today I am going to tell you a basic cmd command that can be used to restrict access to files and folders. You must have administrative access for doing this.

Open websites using command prompt

Have you ever tried to open websites through command prompt in Windows......Yes it is possible to open a website through command prompt. There are many ways which i will discuss today....


Today we are gonna talk about Veil-Catapult.Veil-Catapult is payload delivery for when metasploit’s psexec getting caught by AV.It utilizes Veil-Evasion to generate AV-evading binaries, impacket to upload/host the binaries, and the passing-the-hash toolkit to trigger execution.It officially supported on kali linux only.I`m going to show you how to install Veil-Catapult in backtrack?