Recover Deleted or Formatted Hard Disk

Hi this is my first post and in this post i will tell you how to Recover Deleted or Formatted Hard Disk. It can be done easily.
I was coping some files into a drive but suddenly my PC crashed ! When i restarted my PC I saw that the drive was broken ! I had songs of about 16 GB in it, it asked me to format the disk which I didn't wanted to do.....then i found a solution it is known as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.
So to restore your files I recommend you to follow me :)

1) DO NOT recover the files in the same drive from which you retrieving files.
2) Make sure you do not face any Power-Cuts. It could cause permanent data loss.

1) Download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard 8.6 from the link in the end.
2) Open the downloaded .rar file by the password 'cwpsp'.
3) Extract all the files into one folder.
4) Install the software from the file EaseUS-DRW_CWPSP.exe
5) Open the software.
6) Click next in the lower-right corner in the window.
7) Select the drive you want to recover.
8) Start the scan.
9) It will find all the files you deleted.
10) Click Recover in the lower-right corner of the window.
11) It will ask you for Serial Key.
12) Open the folder of EaseUS Recovery Wizard.
13) Rename the EuActivateOnline.dll to EuActivateOFFline.dll
14) Open the EaseUS-Activator_CWPSP.exe from the folder in step 3 and click generate.
15) Now copy the generated Key into the software.
CAUTION :-DO NOT recover the files in the same drive from which you retrieving files.
16) Now just wait ! Let the files be recovered.
17) Be happy ! BANG ! Your files are recovered !

Download link :-
Mirror 1 :-
Mirror 2 :-


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